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Frozen Yogurt Machine
Frozen Yogurt Machine are electrically driven food grade machineries that are widely used in restaurants and cafeterias as a dispensing unit to serve chilled dairy product. They are available in various variants as per with an output production capacity of 14 litres per hour. 

Softy Machine Pump Series
The offered range of Softy Machine Pump Series are hydro-electrical machineries equipped with a heavy duty pump to dispense frozen ice cream in various different flavours. Buy from us these top class and easy to appliances at a low price. 
Ripple Softy Ice Cream
Ripple Softy Ice Cream are the self contained dispensing units that are equipped with an in built refrigerator to maintain a lower temperature for the preservation of frozen food materials for a longer period of time. 
Thick Milk Shake Machine
Thick Milk Shake Machine are high performance electrically driven liquid dispensing units that are commonly used restaurants, canteens and cafeterias in college, schools, offices and various other places to provide you with flavoured drinks. 

Slush Machine
Slush Machine are the liquid dispensers that are used to produce a high quality mixture of water, flavours and colours to serve chilled flavoured drinks at a temperature of 3 degree Celsius. They are provided with an attacked mixture for the blending. 
Sorbet Making Machine
Sorbet Making Machine are electrical appliances that are especially designed for the cafeterias and food plazas to serve the customers with high quality and chilled ice cream and shakes in various different flavours. 

Softy Ice Cream Machine Spare Parts
Softy Ice Cream Machine Spare Parts are the components that allows the efficient functioning of the frozen dessert dispensers. There are various different types of such equipment availed by us at a reasonable and low price range.

Ice Cream Pasteurizer
Ice Cream Pasteurizer are high performance processing machineries that are used for the mixing of high quality materials for the preparation of soft and fine mixture with a mellow taste. They are fabricated by using premium quality materials which ensures higher strength and rigidity.

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